Much of life is spent either hitting or getting beaned by curve balls.
Fourteen years ago a billboard space on Hennepin and Franklin came available. It was a great location: great visibility, at a stop light, in the right neighborhood. What an opportunity to promote an image.

A standard Cotty Lowry Realtor billboard went up and within three weeks it was covered in graffiti (exhibit A). What an inconvenience. A new billboard was put up over the top, and again within a week it was vandalized. As this continued on for few more cycles, a pattern emerged - a personality if you will.

The applied art, while always mocking and occasionally profane, seemed to ooze a certain sensitivity. Did these vandals have something real to say? Was this their way of crying out to the masses that traveled south on Hennepin avenue? When is a banana more than just a banana?

When you can’t beat them, at least take a swing . . .
The billboard mod squad has been at it since 1994 and is still going strong (exhibits B-E). Instead of causing ruin, they have made the billboard on Hennepin internationally recognized.

Evidence: while traveling in Sweden, Cotty Lowry struck up a conversation with a fellow tourist in the Ice Hotel north of the Arctic Circle. They had spotted Cotty from across the room and recognized him from his billboards on the side of Burch Pharmacy.


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