As your listing agent representing the value of your home, Cotty's goal is to minimize surprises during the marketing and closing process. But let's face it, the term "closing process" is boring. However, before passing judgment on the title of this page, consider these two related points:

  • For an experienced agent such as Cotty, there really is a process to a successful home sale. It's less a defined script and more a way to gather facts, create a strategy, and overcome obstacles.
  • For any client of Cotty, the listing process can be security. Relax. Know that Cotty will handle the big and small things and that a plan has been created that will best guarantee a successful sale.


So what is a typical listing process?

  1. You decide that Cotty will represent your home sale. Kind of an important first step.
  2. Cotty will visit your home. It's all about gathering the facts. Photos, talks, walkthroughs - everything filtered through a real estate agent's AND property owner's perspective (Cotty's been on both sides of real estate transactions many times).
  3. Cotty will do research. Competitive market analysis, talking to the right people, and an intimate knowledge of the Minneapolis Lakes Area will help set the right direction for your specific home sale strategy.
  4. Cotty will present a plan. Pricing, marketing schedule, unique talking points, marketing tools, showings, events, everything that will present your home in the right way to the right people. Clients are continually surprised at the unique ideas, inciteful perspectives, and innate skill with which Cotty executes their home presentation and sale.
  5. Cotty will follow through. Expect precision, devotion, and lots of communication from Cotty. As the plan is played out, Cotty will learn and adapt.


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