Keller Williams Integrity Realty Lakes

Keller Williams Integrity LakesAs a partner/owner of the Minneapolis Lakes area Keller Williams Integrity Realty, Cotty has a great investment in Keller Williams as a company and brand. It’s true that good agents can deliver regardless (and sometimes despite) the agencies they work for. But couple a talented agent with an empowering company and great accomplishments happen. Keller Williams accomplishes great things for both agents and their clients.

All Keller Williams agents follow beliefs (rules) which we call in Kellerspeak the “WI4C2TS”:

  • WIN – Win or no deal
  • INTEGRITY – Do the right thing
  • CUSTOMERS – Always come first
  • COMMITMENT – In all things
  • COMMUNICATION – Seek first to understand
  • CREATIVITY – Ideas before results
  • TEAMWORKTogether Everyone Achieves More
  • TRUST – Begin with honesty
  • SUCCESS – Results through people


For agents like Cotty, Keller Williams means:

  • Cotty LowryA focus on an agent’s individual business – Entrepreneurial agents can serve their clients the way they best see fit. Keller Williams purposefully recruits learning-based agents who want to advance in real estate; driven agents who want to grow and perhaps lead their own business teams.
  • Excellent training – Real estate sales is a very dynamic practice: tools, tactics and faces constantly change. Instead of leaving agents to fall behind the curve, Keller Williams makes training readily available. If you are skeptical of this, feel free to attend one of Keller Williams’ training seminars. They are open to the public.
  • A unique corporate culture – The cliché of real estate agencies’ cut-throat tactics cannot be applied to Keller Williams. Every agent has another mentor agent in the same office. Knowledge, business, and ideas are shared because everyone benefits from each other’s success though profit sharing.
  • Profit sharing – Keller Williams seeks to attract talented individuals and disperses the profit made by the corporation back to the agents. This structure binds the agents together and helps everyone focus on pulling as one.
  • 100% commission structure – Keller Williams takes the roof off what agents can earn. Letting bright, hard-working agents keep more of the money they’ve earned? What an idea!

For the clients of agents (home buyers and sellers) Keller Williams gives:

Cotty loves clients

  • Well-equipped agents who see real estate as their calling and passion.
  • A stellar reputation. Other agents and service providers like to deal with Keller Williams agents.
  • An open sharing of knowledge and information through web and other resources.
  • A worldwide network. Keller Williams is the largest major real estate company in North America. Currently, Keller Williams has 830 offices and 180,000 agents
  • Cotty has served on the Keller Williams Associate Leadership Council, helping shape this dynamic company for the future.

Keller Williams mission statement is “to build careers worth having, businesses worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving.”