Cotty Lowry Strengths

What are you getting when you engage a real estate agent?

Service, of course, but what prompts some Realtors to be consistently trusted by clients and even other professionals in the industry?

Consider these points:

"I make things hard for myself"

Call it an obsession to know as much about a property as possible. Filling the role of a credible advisor takes a lot of work and a lot of preparation to gather valuable knowledge. And Cotty goes everywhere – walk through, competition research, local market trends – to learn the influencing factors on a home’s value and desirability. Couple fresh knowledge with the experience of 30+ years of buying and selling real estate in the Minneapolis Lakes Area, and you’ve got a most valuable resource.

Indeed, seeing the same properties bought and sold over time gives Cotty a unique perspective on the Minneapolis Lakes Area. It’s another stone in the foundation that allows Cotty to know the history of a property, see its current variables, and its possible future potential.

The non-homogeneous neighborhoods (that’s what makes them fun!) that surround the Minneapolis Lakes have much to give. Cotty’s knowledge of the area can pull together all the variables and put them in a context that will help make the decisions that are right for you.

"No lack of communication"

Throughout the marketing process, Cotty will stay in touch with you! This is critical and one of the reasons that Cotty has been so successful over the years. You will want to know how buyers and other agents are reacting to your home.

Cotty follows up with all agents who show your home to gather this input. With his help, you can consider doing things that will increase your home’s marketability. Cotty will also keep you posted on any changes in the market which might affect the sale of your home (e.g., a change in mortgage interest rates or new listings or sales in the neighborhood).

The Bullet Points

  • Cotty Lowry has lived 30+ years in South Minneapolis neighborhoods.
  • Then there’s the community involvement – both MCAD and Cub Scouts.
  • Cotty is committed – having bought, sold, owned and restored properties and retail spaces in the Lakes Area, he’s invested in it’s success.
  • Cotty is part owner of Keller Williams Integrity Lakes.
  • With a fully-licensed staff assistant, all clients get complete attention at all times.

Heard enough?