Cotty Lowry Testimonials


Welcome, reader, to the portion of this web site where proof is provided. Below are records of interviews with a group of Cotty Lowry’s past clients. Each quote is a client’s own words and each from their own perspective. Surely you can take their word for it – but please do your own investigation. You are invited to call or meet with Cotty yourself.

Phew! What a weekend. Thanks all for being a part of it – truly extraordinary service and availability. A wonderful experience, really, even if we are vibrating with a little nervous anxiety at the thought of it all. I have been assured this is normal. Thanks again for everything!

M. Mathews

I appreciated the guidance given with getting the building ready to sell for a quick sale and the Truth in Housing statement. The listing on the internet and sheets for outside were well done. Cotty did a great job with the diagrams for each unit. Everything went like clockwork with a sale in less than two weeks. You [and Dodie] always responded in a timely manner and answered any questions I had. I was very stressed about moving after 25 years in the same place, but you guys made it a lot easier thanks to your exceptional expertise, from the initial contact to the closing. Everything you did was very much appreciated. So thank you very much for a job well done.

Best wishes for your continued success.

M. Grupa

“Cotty, thank you for all the work you put in for selling the Vincent house. It was at times an exasperating experience but you always had a good attitude on it. I would never buy or sell a home in South Minneapolis without you as my agent. I trust you. You know your stuff when it comes to selling houses. You got [us] on the right track with our rentals last winter and helped us make good decisions.”

Mike O

Cotty helped us sell my mom’s house when the market was falling. He was so on top of everything- to the detail. We had an offer within the first 2 weeks, he offered great advice in the worst of times, and we had a very pleasant outcome. And, we did this all from 1500 miles away! He is great!

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

S. Clausen

Now that we’ve had many months to settle into our home, we just want to express our thanks for the help, support and guidance you and Dodie provided during the home search process. Couldn’t have found this house without you!

C. Newberry and Family

Three words that best describe Cotty:
“Knowledgeable, Personable, Integrity”

Please elaborate.
“Cotty is knowledgeable and personable; he knew how to discern with me what I was interested in. He knew the market very well.”

“Cotty found the property that I bought through personal relationship with the seller, which I think only someone on top of the realty business would be able to do. After finding the property through this relationship, he was careful to clearly represent me in the following transaction that resulted in the purchase.”

S. Clarke

Why did you select Cotty?
He took part in a previous transaction of ours. It was a positive experience.

What pleased you about Cotty’s service?
“Cotty is very charismatic and intuitive. His knowledge of neighborhoods and individual houses made the whole process fun and enjoyable instead of a chore. A positive personality throughout the whole process.”

So you’d use Cotty for your next home sale or purchase.
“We wouldn’t even consider another agent for our next transaction.”

T. and K. Barber

How did you find Cotty?
How can you not find Cotty? Reputation, billboards, signs . . .

And that lead to using him as your agent . . .
“I felt he was the most knowledgeable about our specific market, not jack-of-all-trades. Even more important he proved to provide personal service. He’s truly kind person, concerned about our well-being as well as in making a sale.”

Please give an example.
“As everyone knows, Cotty’s market is Kenwood, Lowry Hill, etc. But he gave just as much attention to my purchase after selling the Kenwood house, which is tiny and very South Minneapolis. Now that it’s all over, I actually miss him! That’s a good experience.

As for a personal experience in the midst of it all, he called to check on something during the time the house was for sale or maybe shortly after it sold. I had strained my back shoveling snow and he came over that afternoon with a back brace for me. I told him I was going to buy one at Home Depot, the construction kind, you know, and he would have none of it. He’s just a caring, good person who I now consider a friend.”

K. McFadden

Actual Client Notes